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What happens this offseason?

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18 hours ago, pollythewog said:

Do they even tender Straily (-.5 WAR) a contract at this point? Prob not if they didn't tender Bour one. They traded Castillo for him lol

The starting pitching is such a disaster. Is there anyone in the minors even worth a damn with a shot at starting? Alcantara is a RP (could be a very good one) but I wonder how long it will take them to figure that out. Hopefully Caleb Smith's career isn't over he is probably the most promising arm in the system. I do like Neidert has a great change and command. Will be curious to see how that 40 grade FB plays in the majors.

I'd love for them to go all in on Victor Victor.

For 2019, buy some low cost SPs, pray and hope to flip them at deadline (like rays did with eovaldi) and basically let the farm position players play to figure if they have anything.

I have been thinking about this lately with Straily. I think he could be a non-tender, but he's not going to cost more than $4 million at the same time, and that's still real value if he turns back into 2016/2017 where he was objectively a pretty good 4th SP.

I don't think they need to sign any pitchers. Assuming that Alcantara is in the pen, and they trade Barraclough (which I think is a given):

SP - Urena, Straily, Smith, Richards, Pablo (Neidert, Gallen, and Yamamoto looming)
RHP - Steckenrider, Alcantara, Guerrero, Wittgren, and let's say Brigham (Merandy, Hernandez, Meyer, and Kinley on 40 man for call ups, and Guzman looming)
LHP - Conley, Chen, Garcia (Quijada and Peters on 40 man for call ups)

That is plenty of arms. Churn through all of them and see who sticks. Of course, if some magical cheap signing like an Eovaldi presents itself, go for it.

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It's important to note that:

Urena has 1.5 WAR in 138 IP

Smith 1.2 in 77 IP 

Richards 1.1 in 90.1 iP

Pablo .3 in 47 IP

Straily averaged a 1.5 basically 2016/2017 when he wasn't hurt, and will only be 30.

This isn't confusing anyone with the Indians, but they might have two-three 2+ WAR pitchers (ideally Caleb and Richards hit their peak with the best stuff of the lot and being club controlled), and two-three 1.5 type guys. There is something to be said of having a solid, let's say, 800-900 innings thrown collectively here of solid mid-rotation innings. That's worth exploring to see if someone takes off, and gives them a fighting chance with an above average bullpen (hopefully).

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