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MLB.com: "One guy you forgot was on your favorite team"

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MLB.com put up an article titled "One guy you forgot was on your favorite team" and they chose Mike Piazza for the Marlins but I think that's such a horrible choice.


The trivia of Piazza being a Marlin for 8 days is brought up so often that it's barely an unknown anymore. And if the title says players you forgot were on "your favorite team" there's virtually no long term Marlins fan who doesn't already know that Piazza was a Marlin and it's definitely not something we'll forget. Such a poor choice considering the premise of the article.


So basically I thought it would be fun to bring up this question here. Fyi the article listed well known players so that's the catch because obviously there's hundreds of forgotten players in Marlins history. Name a well known player who we forgot was a Marlin.


Fyi Conine was the choice for the Mets.


Any ideas?

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Arthur Rhodes

Ok this one is really good. I remember being excited when I heard we got him too.


How about Paul LoDuca? Not sure if he's a big enough name or if he's forgotten enough.

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