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Marlins Park Renovation Updates

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Yeah the new M looks like the other letters also there was a fish above the letter I and that was removed too.

Also, I laughed at this one but when Mish put up the pic of ARLINS PARK a few comments said Jeter traded away the M. 

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3 hours ago, SilverBullet said:

Marlins Park has a retractable roof specifically built to not let water fall inside. 

And even then, they still had a rain delay one time.

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5 hours ago, THRILLHO said:

I wonder if it is structurally feasible to make this section of the roof (which does not move) glass.  In theory you leave the support framework there and just replace the aluminum or whatever the metal is with glass.  It would expand the openness. 


It would make it a giant greenhouse.  It would be insanely hot.

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14 hours ago, B1az3 said:

Most likely they are just replacing the M with the new logo.

That seems lazy and cheap.

12 hours ago, SilverBullet said:

Yeah the new M looks like the other letters also there was a fish above the letter I and that was removed too.

Also, I laughed at this one but when Mish put up the pic of ARLINS PARK a few comments said Jeter traded away the M. 

So all this work do distance themselves from the old look, and they're going to keep the same sign with the same font?

If that's the case, maybe the MIAMI in the new SRO section was accurate/not just pre-rebrand "disguise".

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On 11/12/2018 at 8:58 PM, SilverBullet said:

Samson is being a dick because he knows very well that the 2012 rebrand was a disaster and that it didnt work and that what Jeter is doing now is partly because of the ineptitude of Samson and Loria. He should be commending Jeter for doing this rebrand differently than what failed in 2012. Also, Samson knows damn well that Jeter's plan for success has more to it than the standing room only section and trading players away. I'd expect those stupid comments from uninformed casual fans on social media but Samson is way smarter than that comment and he knows very well that what Jeter is doing is fine. 

I think the more and more we get away from the Loria "Er[ror]" we're seeing how much of a hand and meddling Loria was from 2002 to 2017.

Samson hasn't really said anything wrong over the past few months, he just hasn't kept quiet. His job now is to be an analyst, and he's analyzed his regimes mistakes and has really taken the flack for em.

Buck, Mcgowan, The Colors, The Stadium Design- those have all been confirmed as Loria's work. Didn't he draw the design of something on a napkin during a lunch meeting and tell them what colors he wanted it to be too? Or am I mixing up the napkin doodle logo with the stadium design and "Color Quadrants"?

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On 11/13/2018 at 10:45 AM, Italian Marlins Fan said:

The blue walls is what I really wanted. Thank you Marlins for listening. That standing room section in right field is weird to me, since they are replacing “Homer” with more standing room, but whatever. I wish they added some seats where Homer was. That would be cool. The ivy replacing the all black batters eye is awesome. Overall, I give all the changes 9/10. I hated those lime green walls. 

I'm cool with where they are adding and how they added the Standing room where homer was.... the Bud Bowtie Bar was always a hanging spot and pretty congested... this opens it up way more. That's cool.

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1 hour ago, rmc523 said:

Chip Bowers was on a radio show last night talking about the ballpark changes....I meant to tune in but completely forgot.  I'll see if I can find it online.


EDIT:  Here it is:



Ok, so I just listened to it (he was on for about 30 mins), and took a bunch of notes for everyone if they don't want to listen.  A good chunk of this is stuff we already know, but he also gave some insights into other things and reasons for things.  These comments go in order of the interview.



  • will move outside and be part of a new artwalk outside the park
  • goes off for home runs, wins, and every day at 3:05 (am too....just kidding).
  • he mentioned the art that's already around the park, but it sounded like more would be coming - I'm guessing the "our colores" campaign is a good representation of the type of art that could be coming......it'd be cool to see some of this type of thing on the parking garages or the side of the building in areas
  • didn't specify if this would happen for 2019

SRO section (where the sculpture was):

  • when he arrived, he saw a lack of engaging sections - the Budweiser bar was good, but wanted to see more
  • as we've known, the top section is for everyone, middle for SRO tickets only, bottom is for groups
  • didn't really have any good group areas (aside from suites), this new setup gives them a new area for groups

General ballpark comments:

  • Blue walls - there were too many colors before
  • Green wall (didn't elaborate much on this or what type of plants they'd be)
  • They want to create a "that's Miami" look and feel with the new look; they feel this new look is "Miami today"

The Club:

  • direct view/access to the field (currently you have to go through back corridors and hallways to get between the Diamond club and field/seating area)
  • view of batting cages (I'd assume it'll be mirrored glass to not disturb the players)
  • more flexible arrangement off seats - not just the 4-8 top tables they have now
  • new food options
  • DJ booth (I question whether that crowd would like that, but ok)
  • revamped bar like you'd see in Wynwood or Brickell

General comment:

  • like the idea of small bites/craft cocktails
  • They want care and attention given to ALL areas of the park/experience, not just certain areas.  EX: same time/energy devoted to kids area as The Club
  • He hinted at a longer range plan to make further changes, and said they can't do everything at once

Promenade/concourse area - the host asked what the casual fan will see has changed in terms of food/beverage:

  • EVERYTHING is changing.  Every concession stand is changing - the look, feel, food offering/menu will all be new
  • Bringing in outside-branded concepts iconic to Miami (I'm sure they'd have to keep some traditional places too)
  • more small items (not necessarily a big meal)
  • handheld items - mentioned Peruvian and Argentinian - items that reflect Miami
  • they want the entire experience to reflect Miami, not just relegated to a corner (current Taste of Miami) - again, hopefully that doesn't mean completely eliminating traditional options like burgers and pizza.
  • they want people to experience the smells of food cooking as they walk in the park, like San Francisco with the garlic fries and San Diego with fish tacos
  • didn't say anything about concession prices (like what ATL did with the Falcons), but wasn't asked either

They want the park to become a destination for people - a 'home away from home'

"Party en el Parque" - weekend themes:

  • Fridays - Little Havana Nights - come relax and blow off steam of the week
  • Saturdays - Party Before Dark - 6pm start times, fireworks.  He said earlier start times are better for families and for people that want to go out - it gives them time to go out after the game.  Miami has great nightlife.
  • Sundays - Sunday Funday - family oriented, kids-centric - from PA to music, etc.


  • black/teal represented Florida/Miami then
  • with the new colors, they wanted to create/represent Miami today - he mentioned nightlife several times, which goes with our dark/neon lights theory
  • didn't specifically mention the current colors, but I guess the same comment as the walls/park would apply - too many colors


Overall, it was good interview.  It seems like they have put a lot of thought into what they want to do and improve, and he seems like a great hire for the organization.

Edited by rmc523 (see edit history)
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Loving Chip Bowers and his ideas.

And I like the "Miami today" concept. It's the perfect answer to those who think just reverting to the Florida Marlins look is the right way to go, which I personally don't think it is.

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