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Four Marlins test positive for COVID-19

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1 minute ago, SonOfJack said:

We need a detective to figure out who it can be, we know the 60-man pool and we know who has practiced so far. Then again it is none of our business I suppose.

We could have a manager that just tells everyone like the Braves. 

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If we see players go onto the injured list with no disclosed reason, I think we can safely assume that it is those players who tested positive.

Shouldn't be a super difficult task, if and when that happens.

Of course it could be players that are on the 60-man pool but not the 40-man roster.

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2 hours ago, Michael said:

If they're sending some dudes from Jupiter to the Marlins Park camp I wonder if that means the positive tests came from the Marlins Park group.

If that's confirmed then yea absolutely.

I did read that it's the players choice whether they can be revealed as having tested positive and none of the 4 Marlins agreed to it so that explains why other teams have been able to reveal names and why the Marlins haven't. 

Still it's hard to keep quiet about it. Reporters and fans will figure it out especially when someone mysteriously goes on the injured list without having suffered any clear injuries. A reporter can easily ask "Did so and so injure his leg on that last play in yesterday's game?" And then the manager, not allowed to mention a positive test, will be forced to give a BS unclear answer which ultimately reveals the truth even though they pretend to hide it. Bottom line is the anonymity that they want is very hard to uphold. 

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2 minutes ago, SonOfJack said:


Craig has been pretty vocal from the beginning against it from what I could tell. Is he speaking for the players or for himself, Isn’t all he doing is sitting in a press box anyway.

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1 hour ago, SonOfJack said:


I’m sitting here imagineing Jeter with a gun to beat reporters head telling them to report who’s missing.. Maybe that explains why Mish isn’t having fun?

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