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How the Miami Marlins became a mediocre mess

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"The Loria Marlins negotiated worst active local television contact in all of Major League Baseball. The Marlins currently attain around $20 million annually from FOX Sports Florida. Consider that the Rays, a few miles up north, are around $80 million under the terms of their new deal, and even that is slightly below the MLB average. That difference is a massive competitive disadvantage.

Expect the Marlins to secure a brighter future over the next two years, when a competent business leader, Chip Bowers, works towards finalizing the next deal. Though limited in their earnings by relatively weak TV ratings, the economics of regional sports networks has continued to boom, with every market reaping the benefits".

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I like how they called it "a million little mistakes" because even though we criticized so many of those moves when they happened I don't think it was one bad signing, or one bad trade, etc that did the whole thing in.

Every team has bad decisions here and there but with us it was a pile of bad decisions that grew into a mountain.

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I generally liked the broad idea of the article, and it was nice to see all the ridiculous trades and signings on a list.  That said, some of the things they put on there were like eh......like the moves to trade Jacob Turner and a few other guys who were bad at the time.  Obviously some moves weren't ideal, but some you just had to cut bait and move on.

In the bigger picture, though, they're completely right - we'd have had pitching to compliment our offense if we had just not done even half the moves we had made, though if you undo every trade, you wouldn't have had some of that offensive core (Dee Gordon or good Prado for instance), but better pitching could in theory offset less offense.

Also, the TV contract was an interesting complaint - it is obviously bad and has been undervalued, but they compared it to Tampa Bay's brand new deal they just signed.  There's not much that can be done about this one until it's time to negotiate for a new one (which is coming soon....is it after this season or next?).

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