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Nick Wittgren traded to CLE, Austin Brice claimed from BAL, Isaac Galloway DFA

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10 hours ago, SilverBullet said:

If a trade of Wittgren was in the works you are getting rid of Wittgren anyways so you DFA him because then they would have been able to trade Wittgren, sign Walker, and keep Galloway. 

By DFAing Galloway you would trade Wittgren and sign Walker BUT you would lose Galloway.

If the intention was to trade Wittgren and keep Galloway then you do it the first way, again assuming a trade was close. 

Again, I was only speculating about this proposed trade anyways. This definitely might just be one big screw up after all. 

Thanks, that helps and makes sense I think. And yeah, not sure what all actually happened.

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