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On 9/3/2020 at 3:12 PM, Das Texan said:

ironically both owned by the same moronic company

I dropped DirecTV immediately after they literally lied about being given MLB Extra Innings for free as part of re-upping my contract another two years.  I took the reference number down, noted the person I spoke with, date, time, etc. I even called back later that date to confirm it was in their system and it was.  Fast forward to year #2 and they charge me for it. I call, they say "sorry, that exceeds the allowable number of credits we can offer" and wouldn't honor it.  I provided the reference number, etc. they literally read the comments and confirmed that yes, I was promised both seasons free but they still couldn't do it because it violated their credit policy.  Speaking with a manager didn't get me anywhere either.  I posted it on social media and got a call immediately from someone from their "social media outreach team" and they too confirmed that even though I was promised to get it for free they still couldn't honor it.  When I asked if i could then end my contract since they violated the terms I was given they said no to that too unless I paid some fee around $400. 


Yeah, just went with TiVO equipment and Cox after that fiasco.  Never ever go back to them again.

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I had Brighthouse for phone/cable/internet, after company changes so I'm still left with the shitty Spectrum for internet but got Hulu live with it I get Fox Sports Florida and Fox Sports Sun so I get Marlins, Rays, Lightning and Magic, every now and then a Heat game, pretty sure this is because I live in central FL, but also includes multiple ESPN feeds FS1 and NBC sports along with the major networks so there are few sporting events I miss, my bill went down drastically 

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