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8/22 Nationals @ Marlins Doubleheader Game 2


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1 minute ago, GuitarPik said:

I just noticed, did they send Monte down?


1 minute ago, marlinsmaniac said:

Yup. They're working on a plan to get his swing "straight" as they said. He'll be up eventually I'm sure.

Probably have him shorten it. At least I hope so.

He's got a ton of power, just needs to focus on getting barrel to ball consistently and let his strength do its thing.

(Same for Brinson, really.)

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Just now, Erick said:

Gameday was saying we had intentionally walked Cabrera with runners on 1st & 2nd like if he’s Barry Bonds.

Turns out he’s the last out of the game, we win!

We actually did intentionally walk him, but he said "no I refuse," so Kintzler said "OK fine I'll get you out."

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