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9/1 Post Game Thread


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Sucks Elieser got hurt.

Great job by Josh A. Smith coming in giving us four solid innings.

Bleier, Hoyt, Kintzler shut it down.

Berti Batts with a homer, Marte with the big dick blast, and Coopahh smoked the ball tonight including an RBI double.

I love it.

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1 minute ago, Hotcorner said:

Marte with a go-ahead homer in the 8th?  Can't write it up much better than that.


Great job by the bullpen too.    Also Bertiball.

Only thing that would have been a better win for tonight would have been Jazz going yard in his first at bat as a walk-off.

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3 hours ago, taiwanmarlin said:

Villar's defense helping us, too. 

Did you notice how (not counting training camp) pretty much Villar’s first ever play as Marlin was a dropping a very easy fly ball and his final play as a Marlin was a really good running/falling down defensive catch. Almost like his Marlins career came full circle with that catch and he was making up for his dropped fly ball in center field.

Thankfully once he got to the Jays he defensive settings were reset to the classic Jonathan Villar defense.

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