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2020/21 off-season


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4 hours ago, Photo-Realistic Billy said:

In all fairness, I ain't opposed to hiring a veteran stopgap like Pillar (who is still a fine baseballer) and then essentially replacing him with the hottest outfielder on the Jumbo Shrimp at the start of June.

We gotta keep in mind, the upper levels are gonna have Bleday, Encarnación, Sánchez, Miller, and Harrison -- to say nothing of Conine, Burdick, Misner, and VVM. There's bound to be at least one of those fellas forcing his way into the MLB in the first 1/3 of the season.

I feel like Encarnación is gonna end up being the next Ozuna for us and can see him making an appearance mid to late 2021. All the other outfielders need much more time in the minors to figure their kinks out and or just need more seasoning.

I wouldn’t rush Bleday/Conine/Misner but do have good expecrations for them. Sanchez and Harrison need much more time at AAA to learn to not swing at junk. Also in an unrelated topic, expect Lewin to come out firing next year after bringing his hands up over the offseason and allowing them to trade a hopefully productive Aguilar for something “nice”.

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8 minutes ago, SilverBullet said:

You got proof? 

fat guy speedo GIF

This should be all the proof you need...

Btw, I searched south park in the built-in gif keyboard and this came up and made me laugh. I did not go out of my way to look for it lol

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