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9/10 Post Game Thread Walk off Win


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17 hours ago, DTrain said:

Sandy only 3 earned runs so it was neither Amazing Sandy nor Trash Can Sandy. 

Now we have to come up with a name for when Sandy is somewhere in the middle. 

Marte PARTAY with a CLUTCH bomb off the wall. 

For all of Monte’s struggles that was a very sexy steal of 3B under the circumstances 

Sexy but VERY risky.

17 hours ago, SilverBullet said:

Other important points...

Marte has been the perfect deadline addition, an actual difference maker has been added to this team and he's been great.

It's ultimately meaningless but it was kinda cool to have Alfaro beat the Phillies with Realmuto behind the plate. Also Realmuto's face when Monte stole third was funny to see. JT's a good dude and a total pro but you have to wonder if he ever questions his rush to leave this team. 

Also we erase/overcome the joke of a loss yesterday and we've now won 3 of 4, hopefully breaking the little win one lose one pattern we have been on for a bit now.

Lastly, after getting some news coverage last night for a one night only debacle, I'm sure this walk off comeback win means back to no media coverage tomorrow! 

He's going to be pissed if we make it to the playoffs before they do and/or if we make it farther.

17 hours ago, SilverBullet said:

Tell us more, seriously, the Phillies broadcasters insisted we were bottom feeders in the preseason talk... I'm dying to know what they're saying now. Are we getting some credit or do they swear the Phillies are just playing horribly? 

And reality is, 2 of their runs were gifted to them by our errors early in the game.

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