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Braves finalizing Acuńa 8 years/$100 million deal

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1 hour ago, SilverBullet said:

Owners don't have to talk with players. That's a GM thing. Some do, yes, but many don't. This is only a problem for some because it's Jeter. If the random no name owner of the Pirates or Reds does this nobody bats an eye... but Derek Jeter is said to not speak with a player directly and everybody loses their minds.

But in an organization such as the Marlins where everyone was wondering what a very high-profile owner was going to do against the history of fire sales, often bizarre contracts, etc.  I would think a competent ownership group would meet with arguably their best player (especially when you combine both performance and contract) to lay it out for him as to what their ultimate plans are, how they're going to differ from Loria's crew, what to expect in the next year, 2 years, and beyond.  It really does appear Jeter let his ego get the best of him and leaving that whole sad ordeal to be just thrown out there via tweets, articles, etc. Honestly, what would it really have taken to have a sit down with Yelich some afternoon or even over dinner somewhere to hash things out a bit? 

I like most of the changes they've made to the "fan experience" so far but I'll never agree to how they handled the whole transition period between ownership groups.  I'm sure they'll be owners of the team for a bit longer though so they'll have some more time to show they actually want to improve the onfield product as well and possibly keep some of their star players - assuming some of these kids actually pan out and become legit stars.


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