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9/20: Nationals at Marlins, Game 1

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Just now, rmc523 said:

The guy doesn't have a hit and he gets a double

To be fair he was a very good hitter in Cuba so not like he was a nobody.

Having a guy who is pitch-to-contact in a one run game is just dumb, though.

And now he has to face a guy with runners 2nd n 3rd with no outs.


Kintzler also should have been a later option cause he threw the most pitches out of the bullpen last night but of course Donnie brings him in first.

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Just now, EricWiener said:

Alfaro has to catch that strike 3, but at least is was a shallow popup.  I wish Kintzler was more of a strikeout guy


He does.

Before that, though, the third base umpire needed to call that a swing on the previous pitch.

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