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9/30 Post Playoff Game Thread

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I know it’s not the exact same situation, but all this talk about broken hands and playoffs and Cubs is bringing back memories.

Does anyone remember when Mike Lowell hit that pinch hit HR in the 11th inning back in the ‘03 NLCS vs the Cubs, after being out more than a month with a broken hand?

I still remember those feelings and jumping up and down so excited after that HR!


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I say rest him tomorrow but Trea Turner player all of last year with a broken index and middle finger on his throwing hand. It’s a non displaced fracture. It hurts and it stiffens up on you, but you can still function. I guarantee you most of us here have had it happen and it was never diagnosed. Just said we “jammed” it 

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What a friggin game, boys!

Would have been a brutal loss considering the early agonizing struggles hitting with RISP. 

“Better to have a fractured pinky than to have a fractured hand” -ancient Chinese proverb


super ghey that NLCS tickets go on sale before fans of teams in the playoffs will know if their beloved teams will in fact be in the NLCS


Today’s home plate ump was OUTSTANDING 

Best I’ve seen all year

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1 hour ago, jeffreysfishfry said:

We are up a game. Just rest Marte. If we win tomorrow, than he will have at least a 3 days or more to rest depending on the Braves series. 

Doesn’t the NLDS start Monday regardless of the outcome of the Reds/Braves series?

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