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Anyone heard from @Marlinslou?

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Hey guys, I know this thread might be more appropriate in the "off topic" section, but I figured it'd get the most eyeballs here.


Was just curious if anyone has heard from @MarlinsLou  (just lou at the other site) in a while?  Last post I found here was January 11, and May 28th on the other site.  I know he was older so me and others were worried and hoping he's ok!  I know sometimes folks just go away from the forums for a bit, but figured we'd have heard from him at some point with the team playing like it has been.

Funny how you become a community even if you've never met.

Anyway, didn't know if anyone here had contact with him outside of the forums.



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Didn't even know there was another site, I just went to check it out. Doesn't seem as active as this place is. 

I almost feel like he is lurking around. I highly enjoy his posts. Heck I just logged in for the first time in forever but I am reading the forums almost every day lol

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