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Marlins NO LIMIT Army, Prepare!

We have fought off the Little Cubs (again).  As you are well aware, this job is far far from done.  

We know how to wage this war.  We have won this war, we will continue to push forward.  I implore, no no no I NEED you to squeeze hold that left nut (or ovary) until it truly hurts.  Squeeze 10 seconds longer at that point.  Primal roar.  Primal scream.  Make those fucking Braves hide in fear.  It is time to conjure up times of this:


May our pitching greats have strike zones like that as we summon the ghost of Eric Gregg. 


May our hitters find stirke zones that Gerry Davis may give us!


May new heroes emerge.  HOLD THAT FUCKING FLANK TIGHT!!!!  I implore you to push forward though.  There is no looking back.  Fuck what is behind us.  Fuck what is ahead of us.  It is about the here and now.  Show your fandom.  Shake your cock or shake your tits, whatever brings you that good time feeling.  In 3 short wins we will get those old school beers, pop them up and feel that sting.  NO FUCKING BEER GOOGLES!!!!  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  

We find ourselves again facing the Atlanta 'not racially insensitive' Braves in this playoff round.  Look, the mighty Braves are winners of these minor skirmishes.  Good for them.  Let them take their accolades.  Let's look at this truth.  Marlins NO LIMIT Army - 1.  Atlanta ' Not racially insensitive' Braves - 0.  What is that scoreboard.  Playoffs.  The only thing that fucking counts.  Win your minor 162 game skirmishes.  I prefer to win wars.  I prefer to lead this mother fucking NO LIMIT army into battle and emerge with my flag flying higher than any other fan.

Now.... the time is upon us AGAIN.  Grab that left nut (or ovary).  Squeeze real hard.  Don't pop it though, you must be smart.  I can't have you blowing your load quite yet.  For you see this is only one battle in this war.

While the inferior Marlin armies are posting stupid shit like this:

Seriously, who gives a flying fuck what the San Diego fucking Padres are doing.  

The Marlins NO LIMIT army is busy pushing forward.  Doing what we know how to do.  Finding those good luck charms, that old ratty tshirt, that old hat thats weathered and dirty over time.  Getting out those Marlin candles, those Marlin bobbleheads, whatever works for you do it.  Shake those titties or those cocks like there is no tomorrow.  I can only have victory.  I can only focus on winning and vanquishing our opponent.  

Grab that mother fucking left nut (or ovary) squeeze it til it hurts.  Playtime is over.  The train is pushing down the track, gaining steam, gaining momentum, gaining speed.  The time to hop on board is past.  This is a runaway fucking Army.  

Let's go get this one boys (and girls).  Victory will be ours.  


Let's get images of this again v these fucking Braves again.  




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