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Mr. Jeter, PLEASE LEAVE SINCLAIR (The Entire Hardcore Fanbase on This Board is Sick of Their “Business Tactics”)


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Everyone on this board has had the experiences of deciding whether it’s worth it to keep traditional cable or go with streaming.

Some Members of this Board go to Streaming for Several Factors:

1. Price 

2. User Interface (More Modern than Cable)

3. Business Tactics of Cable Company (Contracts, Big Price Increase after 1st Year etc.)


Some communities aren’t wired for Cable TV (Only Internet).


As of Right Now if the organization renews with YouTube TV, Marlins Baseball will be available on the following streaming providers:

1. AT&T TV NOW (Max Package)

..... and that’s it.


The Marlins won’t be on:

1. YouTube TV

2. Fubo TV

3. Hulu Live TV

4. Sling TV

I’ve had two horrible experiences with AT&T. So as of right now, even though I’m willing to pay for any add-on necessary in order to watch the Marlins, I cannot because Sinclair won’t play nice (or even close) in the sandbox.

It also looks like Sinclair isn’t playing nice in the sandbox in the TV rights negotiation judging by the cold winter stalemate their in.


Please find another distribution options (Amazon, ESPN+, or My33 like Inter Miami CF).


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i have cable out here in Surprise, AZ with Cox because it's a shitload cheaper than any of the streaming options so it doesn't impact me much I guess as I used MLB.TV this year to watch them.  If there was some way through Amazon though? Sign me up, especially if there's a single team option. 

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