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Padres acquire Snell, Darvish and Kim

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I won't even click the article but the Rays have been consistent winners with the formula they've been using for years now so whether we like it or not it's working so to say they don't deserve a team is ridiculous. It's not like what they're doing hasn't led to success on the field. 

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Padres using their assets to acquire players and they are 'buying' a title.  Hilarious.

They have been slowly building this up and utilizing the insane depth they have built up for the last 5-7 years.

Dodgers and Padres are far and away the class of the National League and its not close at this point.  


Besides this is what AJ Preller does if you havent paid attention (and I sense you havent). 

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2 hours ago, SilverBullet said:

I'm confused. Is this article saying that the Rays organization doesn't deserve a team because of how they run it or that the "city" of Tampa Bay doesn't deserve a team because they don't support it? 

I assume the Tampa / St Pete area doesnt deserve a team (they dont).  But I dont care enough to go read some deadspin hit job. 

At least the Rays had the smallest attendance drop from 2019-2020!


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