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Best Young Rotation? - Mailbag Question

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1 minute ago, CyggyMarlin said:

consider it a present

What a gift you have!
































P.S. For all you readers rolling your eyes at this thread.. I'm just seeing how far this will go and how much dumber this conversation will get - if that's even possible.

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5 minutes ago, CyggyMarlin said:

Call it a flair

I agree, and you're definetely the marlinsbaseball.com GOAT at puns, idioms, cliches, riddles, jokes, metaphors, similes, short stories and other wordsmith stuff.

I respectfully bow out of this thread's conversation, as it wouldn't be flair  fair for me to continue at this conversation, as I have no response to your message.

See you at the Craig Mish thread.. 

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MLB Network's Chris Russo, I know he's a loud personality meant to make entertaining TV more than he is a deep analyst, did make an interesting point about the Marlins being projected at such few wins thus far... hear this out...

Yes they have a questionable offense but every team in the majors will have stretches where the offense falters. When that happens, your pitching needs to get you through the games. The Marlins have the potential to have strong pitching essentially every single game so, basically, every low scoring game is a potential Marlins win. They'll win 1-0 and 2-1 games on a bloop single or on an error by the opposition, etc etc. He was basically saying that good pitching can overcome bad offense more than a good offense can overcome bad pitching. So teams like the Angels who are notorious for bad pitching will lose more games than expected because while they can hit they just can't stop the opponents from hitting. But the Marlins are built in a way that they can sneak out more wins than expected. He wasn't picking them to win the division and he knows a full season is different than 60 games but he's just saying that for a team like the Fish, projections don't tell the whole story. In essence, he's explaining what got the Marlins to the postseason in 2020 and reminding how this same formula can surprise in 2021 or at the very least it can surpass expectations. And when other teams go on offensive slumps, hey look there's the Marlins to take a few more wins from them too because their pitching is better.

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