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Mets sign Villar

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It's making more sense why Villar can't stick with one team very long but I'm now perplexed how he's had so much success and longevity at this point considering all his problems. I can't fathom a guy being such a bad teammate and being around so long.

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It's funny seeing Mets fans happy with getting Villar while his past fanbases are like yeah sure good luck with that. That was us last year and Orioles fans before that and so on. Seems like a never ending cycle.

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Well, looks like the Mets have obtained two of the top three Marlins fan Favorites Of 2020 (Villar and Yamamoto, with the third being Dugger, of course.)


It’s weird, I don’t know how to describe it, but sometimes throughout my life of being a sports fan, I have noticed other teams in the same division as the Marlins, Heat, Dolphins etc, will sign one of the players as a free agent or trade, especially if the team itself had a good year but the player did not.

It’s almost like, the Mets looked at the Marlins 2020 season and thought like “Well, the Marlins made the playoffs and we didn’t, they must be doing something right, let’s sign one or some of their former players and see if that magic rubs off on us. 😂

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