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Marlins GoFundMe, Samson makes it a bigger deal than it is

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A Marlins employee created this GoFundMe page without organization approval but was trying to help employees who had been furloughed in 2020. David Samson posts about it and tries to make it seem like it came from Jeter, as if Jeter is asking for help to pay his employees...

The campaign, which used the Marlins logo, was titled “Miami Marlins Player Development Staff” and organized by Danny M. Henriquez. “Please contribute to our player development staff who have been impacted by the unfortunate events of COVID-19,” he wrote. “All contributions will be greatly appreciated!” Henriquez joined the organization a couple years ago as an intern and now holds the title of Manager, Player Development,


Craig Mish with clarification...

Turns out the furloughed employees will get their jobs back and they continued to receive benefits even after being furloughed...

It's amazing how stupid people can portray everything in the most negative light possible and how many people go ahead and believe that stupidity as well.

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  • SilverBullet changed the title to Marlins GoFundMe, Samson makes it a bigger deal than it is

Check out the wording...If these workers are being furloughed wouldn't they be getting benefits while not exactly getting paid? Benefits don't mean they are collecting a salary... although they likely applied for unemployment...

I am not blaming anyone, just saying this IS a reality for many American workers. And while I think Samson is a weasel I also don't think everyone should be running to defend the Marlins...the removal of this GoFundMe probably has more to do with management being annoyed that they look bad...and not because these people have enough to pay their bills. I guess good on them for keeping them covered by health insurance...i guess I would be interested in a clearer explanation...but I doubt we will get the full story.

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