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25 minutes ago, Michael said:

Amazing run he had with us, absolutely loved every minute of it.


Literally. Minutes.


20 minutes ago, FishFan95 said:

Gio's time with the Marlins:

The Simpsons Reaction GIF

Michael can bone for a longer time than Gio Gonzalez's Marlins career.

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This probably means he was already leaning towards retirement and also didn't think he had what it took to ever get called up because if not then he could have easily spent some time in AAA and gotten at least a stint on the big league roster at some point this year. 

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Yeah, that could be true. Maybe when he was young he always dreamed that he wanted to play for the Marlins one day. And this was his only way to make it happen.

I like that version of the story better than he wanted to pitch another season in the MLB but after one of the worst outing in Spring training history (I'm guessing), he decided to hang up the old cleats instead of finishing his career maybe in AAA or ATS after realizing he wasn't going to make the Marlins roster.


Either way, he had an overall very successful MLB career, and the dude is only 35, pretty old for baseball, but for life, still super young, and he's already retired from one successful career. Good for him!

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