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WTF? MLB approves Rays to explore playing in BOTH Tampa and Montreal?

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All I see is “Florida Man Yells at Wall” 


They want two open air ballparks because building a dome in ONE location is too expensive. This just comes down to politics and a politician being a dick. I think this is the only leverage they could try to get without burning all bridges for 8 more years. 

Realistically, I’d just fold in a few years- bankruptcy like if you will. They can’t force a business that went under to play. They can pay- but they won’t have anyone here. Let him try to purchase another team after a one team expansion is done- move the organization / players to a new team and let sternberg buy some other team eventually. 

Think of he Barons/Seal/North stars/ Sharks situation as a fallback if anything. 

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