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4/28 Post Game Thread


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I was hungover all day yesterday. Here are my notes.. I had a blast:


My seats were effing awesome. Right behind brewers dugout. Looks like I was on TV at the beginning of the bottom of the 4th. I was legitimately the only Marlin fan I saw there the whole time. Was rocking my teal Hawk jersey

Jesus Aguilar is so much fun. Talks to fans, umps, dugouts, coaches, the entiiiiire game. He is such a character. Love that guy and LOVE that he hit the big HR in the game

Fans were piiiiiiiiiiissed the whole game especially after that interference call. I made sure to chime in at a very quiet time with "DONT LISTEN TO EM BLUE, YOURE DOING GREAT".. Brewers players even had a chuckle

The coach that got tossed definitely got his money's worth. That was entertaining as hell

Saw some homeruns, a play at the plate, a freakin balk, an ejection.. my parking pass was legit. Had a GREAT time. and we WON!


Gonna go Wrigley in May for one of the Fish-Cubs game and then possibly St Louis for some awful pizza and a Fish/Cards game here or there


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