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Early 2021 Draft Discussion

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The draft is just a few months away (July)....

What would you like to see the Marlins do?

The Fish have Picks #16 & #31 in the early goings....

Do you want more Pitching?

More Offense?

Certain areas of need?  (I.E. Catcher, 1B, 3B)

Best Available Player?

Is there a player that you hope falls to the Fish?


Have at it!



I would like to go best available hitter since we loaded up on all pitchers last year.  If possible, would like to see a catcher and a 1B prospect.  I think we have a ton of SS prospects already that a few can be converted to 3B.  Definitely would like to see some more impact bats in the system...

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Grab a lot of college bats.

Definitely get best college bat available at 16.

Grab some arms as they're available in the middle to later rounds.

Catcher would be great but we got lots of arms we can trade from this system to get a good catcher.

So, that said, MLB drafts aren't "draft for need," it's "draft for the future." If we can get a catcher as BPA, then absolutely!

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i'm a big fan of taking the BPA in baseball drafts since they usually take a few years anyway and it's not like they're immediately thrust into action like in the NFL or NBA. Obviously if there's 2-3 guys you have ranked evenly then take the best fit for your team but yeah it's BPA for me in the baseball draft.

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