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Sign Stealing Allegations against Dodgers/others


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Former catcher Erik Kratz recently levied some eyebrow-raising allegations of sign-stealing against a couple of National League teams while a guest with John J. Filippelli and Kevin Sullivan on Curtain Call of the YES Network. When asked for his opinion about the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal, Kratz said, “I can tell you that a team that has been to the World Series often recently, we caught them doing something almost similar.”

Since the Dodgers are the only team to have been to the World Series multiple times in recent years (besides the Astros), it seems Kratz is implying the Dodgers took part in some kind of sign-stealing during the 2018 season. He did not expound any further about their specific actions in this podcast, and did not name the Dodgers directly.

He also said the Rockies did it too in 2018.


Don't know if it's true or not, but the Sandy start was certainly interesting.....he could've just been tipping his pitches, but was certainly unusual.

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39 minutes ago, marlinsmaniac said:

What Rockies start are you guys referring to?

Read the article.  lol


Kratz was saying it seemed like both the Rockies and Dodgers were using tech to steal signs in 2018.

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Marlins may as well try and steal signs too.  not like they ever get positive press as-is so eh..why not??!  Get rid of Duncan altogether and use his salary to install the tech necessary to accomplish this! SEASON BACK ON!

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