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The Fire Don Mattingly Thread

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I just got one of those emails from the Marlins promoting the upcoming homestand. I know they still gotta promote things but man it felt insulting getting that one today. If I could reply back I feel like saying how dare you ask me to watch this shitty team after this awful recent stretch, it's embarrassing. Why would I pick up tickets now? You guys gotta put in the work to get me wanting to buy tickets now.

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They need to deep six much of the coaching staff in addition to Don, and it also extends to the minor leagues. 

We develop pitchers just fine, but why do our hitting prospects struggle when they get called up?  Look at all the bad approaches at the plate.  Outside of Isan, no one really works a count and takes the walk, swinging at pitches way out of the zone that would have been Ball 4. 

 Situational hitting (I agree) is pathetic, swinging at anything instead of waiting for a pitch in the zone where they want it.. 

Baserunning and fielding fundamentals are bad. How often do we see runners get picked off, scratch our heads when a baserunner does not advance the xtra base, or wonder why a player is out of position? I am not even talking about Don's lack of guarding the line in the 9th, but instead the botched rundown between Alfaro and 3rd base. 

We have Isan swinging 3-0 all the time? That is on Don to get him to stop that.  When we do get a hitter's count, how many times are they late on a fastball and foul it off?  Christ, I know a fastball is coming, you know a fastball is coming, yet they foul it off and then tank the at-bat.     

I am being facetious here, but make Miggy Ro a player/manager.  I think firing Don now is the right time.  Either need a new mindset/approach or if Rowson continues with the same crap as Don, it probably confirms the Fo is calling the shots which is not a good thing at all.

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2 hours ago, rmc523 said:


Guess you completely forgot the point earlier in the season when Duvall and Cooper were out, which is when we first started asking about Sanchez.


Were not long term deals though.  They werent going to call him up to have a decision to make in 2 weeks at the time.

Logical thought

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