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Marlins have 10th best farm system according to Baseball America

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Full Rankings (previous):

1. Tampa Bay Rays (2)

2. San Diego Padres (1)

3. Atlanta Braves (4)

4. Chicago White Sox (6)

5. Los Angeles Dodgers (5)

6. Minnesota Twins (7)

7. Houston Astros (5)

7. Baltimore Orioles (22)

9. Toronto Blue Jays (3)

10. Miami Marlins (13)

11. Seattle Mariners (14)

12. Cleveland Indians (16)

13. Oakland Athletics (11)

14. Detroit Tigers (15)

15. San Francisco Giants (28)

16. St. Louis Cardinals (10)

17. Los Angeles Angels (12)

18. Kansas City Royals (27)

19. Pittsburgh Pirates (18)

20. Cincinnati Reds (8)

21. New York Yankees (20)

22. Boston Red Sox (30)

23. Arizona Diamondbacks (21)

24. Washington Nationals (17)

25. Philadelphia Phillies (23)

26. New York Mets (19)

27. Colorado Rockies (24)

28. Texas Rangers (25)

29. Chicago Cubs (29)

30. Milwaukee Brewers (26)

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13 minutes ago, SonOfJack said:

And before this regime, they were 30th right?

Although the Angels were in 30th and passed us by signing Ohtani.

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I would have thought that the Braves would have fallen since the last update since Soroka graduated and some of their top guys have under performed this year. I also think that the Orioles rising from 22nd to 8th is a bit much. They site the signing of Adley Rutschman and good performances from their pitchers as reasons for the rise, but the Marlins just had a great draft and international signing with guys like Braxton Garrett, Trevor Richards, Edward Cabrera, and Zac Gallen all having fantastic years.

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14 minutes ago, FishFan95 said:


Pic was too small on my phone to see that before.  Thanks.

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