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CBA Discussion Thread


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So it came up in the other thread about the upcoming CBA negotiations, so figured we could start a discussion on it.


Right now, I can't see a strike not happening.

Sure topics for discussion:


  • Universal DH
  • Expanded playoffs
  • Revenue sharing (both in general and playoff revenues)
  • Increased pay for pre-arb and arb-eligible players
  • Draft and draft pick compensation for FA signings
  • Health & Safety protocols
  • ManfredLB rules (mound visit limits, pace of play, eliminating shifts, etc)
  • Expansion?

There are certainly others I'm not thinking of but those are a starting point.

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I see those issues lining up this way.




Universal DH - get it done already - it's 15 more jobs to throw at the union too.  No need to have pitchers batting and endure what our idiotic FO and Don trot out daily with having relief pitchers pinch hitting.

Expanded playoffs - playoffs are currently at 10 (3 division winners plus 2 WC in each league).  They did 16 last year, with top 2 from each division plus 2 WC.  If you go to 14, you could do top 2 in each division and 2 WC.  Or 12 could be top in each division plus 3 WC teams.  Owners probably want as many as they can, I could see it settling at 12 or 14.

Many of Manfred's bizarre rule changes can go - especially modifying the extra inning rule - I like the idea we've had here of 3 extra innings (an opportunity for a full time through the lineup) of regular play and after that adding the extra guy at 2nd.



Players want increased revenue going to the players, especially for playoff income - last year was obviously tough without gate revenue, but players are sure to want more of it coming their way.  I'm sure MLB could increase that, but you know the union is going to try to shoot well past the Moon for Mars.

On the increased pay for young guys topic - I don't have a problem with increasing pay for the younger guys where appropriate, as they're often producing at a high level (though not all).  The flip side of this is we all know the union will want its cake and eat it too of increased money for both young controlled guys AND free agents........in reality increased pay for younger guys will further effect free agents prices negatively even if the players want to kick their feet screaming that FA's need to be paid more.  This action could possibly lead to a stabilization of FA pricing, though - if younger guys cost more too, teams might be willing to spend on a FA if they're not necessarily gaining the cost savings of a younger guy?

I'd assume the players still don't want FA's linked to draft picks, which I'm sure will remain an issue - especially if as pointed out above younger players get paid more, it'll further decrease the expenditures on older FAs.



MLB and the PA have seemed fairly on the same page regarding health & safety protocols - I know recently there's been some discussion by players of COVID protocols needing to be adjusted (i.e. asymptomatic players still needing to leave the team for X days etc).


Expansion is unlikely in the discussion for this CBA because of the continuing unresolved ballpark situations in Oakland and Tampa, but it's still worth bringing up - adding 2 teams would be an additional 52 union jobs plus revenue and expansion fees for the league.....you know players would want a chunk of those expansion fees, though.



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5 minutes ago, rmc523 said:

One would think, but didn't MLB want it this year and the union refused?

Only because they (MLB) were packaging it with expanded playoffs.

"Give us that and we'll give you DH," even though owners also want it.

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55 minutes ago, rmc523 said:

One would think, but didn't MLB want it this year and the union refused?


49 minutes ago, Michael said:

Only because they (MLB) were packaging it with expanded playoffs.

"Give us that and we'll give you DH," even though owners also want it.


Players stance was you want it just as much as we do, just make it happen.


We arent giving you the extra playoff revenue over something we both want to fuck off.

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