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A Capital Fourth (Black National Anthem)

Johnny Reb

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I don't understand the context of this, honestly, or what the event actually was.  From reading the article (a video showing what they were talking about would've been nice), it sounded like they played the national anthem, and also did this?  Were there other songs throughout?

If this is an attempt to replace the national anthem or something, I'm wholly against that.

If it was a situation where they played the anthem, then did this and some other songs, meh.  But again, I didn't quite understand what the event was.

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The event was the Fourth of July celebration that is on PBS annually and has been for some 30 years.

I normally find it quite boring so I of course didnt watch, so no clue what the controversy is.

But then again if you sneeze these days someone has an issue with it, so who knows what happened. 

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