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What Positions Would You Upgrade?

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If they move on from Aguilar - Cooper would make a fairly decent DH and might be someone they want to look at retaining barring some amazeballs deadline offer.  (also assuming the DH ends up being part of the next CBA). Hoping the DH will minimize the amount of time he spends on the IL each season.

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15 hours ago, taiwanmarlin said:

We need to retain the core of “ Aguilar, Cooper, Miggy, Marte and Duvall ”.

Marte is the only one thats difficult to replace and its not really close tbh. 

Some would say Rojas is fairly difficult, but you could slide Jazz to SS and find a 2b or sign a free agent upgrade SS.  


Aguilar, Cooper and Duval are so what to replace on the field at the very least. 

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On 7/7/2021 at 5:46 PM, Erick said:

The problem has more to do with the timeliness of the offense.

Going into a season, the front office is trying to project what the run differential would be and this team has a run differential that reflects they should have a better record.

At the end of the season, Don Mattingly isn’t going to look great if they’re looking at things rationally. Normally, firing a manager is scapegoating, but, in this case, it isn’t.

Part of the problem has been blown saves too, which involves Mattingly not using Bender at the end of games. If all of our pitching is healthy next season, keep in mind that somebody from the group might end up in the pen next year, as well.

You bring up a good point with the timeliness of the offense. Often times, this discussion gets pushed into the “luck” category and overall random nature of baseball.

Obviously there’s a portion of “clutch” hitting thats random and chance/luck certainly plays a role. It also can be controlled to an extent by constructing your offense in a way where hitters with advanced approaches and overall hit tools are getting more ABs in those clutch situations

By the nature of a typical lineup, your 5-7 hitters are going to get a lot of these ABs. Our current group of 5-7 hitters have been a mix of AAA guys and high K, somewhat decent big leaguers. When this is the case, your relying on 1–4 to hit a HR, or string together 2-3 hits in a row to score even a run or two. 

IMO, the focus this offseason needs to be complimenting this pitching staff with an offense that is much different that the current organizational philosophy.

In addition to simply needing better hitters, this offense desperately needs more guys with better hit tools that can grind out at bats in the middle to bottom of the order and at least give you a chance with RISP and less than 2 outs. You score 4 runs a game with this staff, and you’re going to win a lot of games. We have to find a guy or two that has can grind out those tough AB’s rather than chase every slider down and away AB after AB, year after year (Alfaro). 


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