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Pancakes... overrated?


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I think I hate pancakes.

By far the most overrated food ever.

I feel like one pancake is fine as a side dish but I think I can't get over how people eat a ton of pancakes in one sitting as the main course and drenched in syrup. To me it's not a main meal. And I'm disgusted by how people soak the stack in syrup which immediately gets soaked up and the whole thing quickly becomes an overly sugary sponge, it's repulsive to me. It's like eating food that's been soaking in the sink when you haven't done the dishes yet. It's just gross.

If I eat pancakes everyone always thinks I'm crazy because I pour the syrup on the side and then dip each bite in the syrup before eating it. You know, so that each bite is a fresh piece lightly coated in syrup instead of being a squishy mess. 

Am I wrong?

Is there another overrated food you can think of instead?

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45 minutes ago, SonOfJack said:

I have to drown them in maple syrup to tolerate it. Otherwise pancakes are awful and I've tried many pancakes.

Yes and the drowning in syrup makes them even worse for me which is why I don't get what people like about them. They're shit and they have to be made even worse to even be tolerated. I can't comprehend why people like something like that. 

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