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Lewin Diaz plays LF for first time


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4 minutes ago, ZfromCIS said:

Oh great! Another Outfielder to log jam. PS does moving him mean he’ll finally be able to hit a breaking ball or?

He will be at 1b next year, just gives him a way to get into lineup in September I guess. 

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9 hours ago, Das Texan said:

its obviously helping Alfaro, no?

It benefits Alfaro because he’s not part of the pre game planning for the pitchers any more. He can solely focus on himself and what he needs to do to be prepared at the plate. 

Lewin on the other hand was a 1st baseman plus he doesn’t move that well. If he couldn’t figure out how to hit a breaking ball when he was playing first then how’s he going to learn a completely new position and how to anticipate and take routes to the baseball plus improve his hitting? 

if there was anybody to bring up it would be Peyton Henry. He’s the only catcher we don’t have tape on. I would then focus on seeing what Bryson Brigman can do. Kid’s batting .293 and we have a legit depth issue in the infield. I still don’t know how Devers made the 40 but Bryson didn’t. I just hope we didn’t stun Dever’s growth. 

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