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Marlins Fire International Scouting Director Fernando Seguignol


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I don't understand this move International scouting has been one of the organizational strengths. Can't fault them on Victor Victor Mesa who was coveted by the entire league. 

Makes you wonder if there was something going on beneath the seams. If it was performance based, then they will probably have to fire nearly the entire FO based on the enormous bar that they just set.

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2 hours ago, TheMarlinsProject said:

We've signed several potential difference makers in the past few years.  Part of the master plan was finding some big-time IFAs. 

Remains to be seen what happened/happens here.

Right now it is a curious firing at best.

Craig Mish said on the Fish Stripes pregame stream that the timing of it makes him think that they have a guy in mind to replace him. Also considering they offered him a separate position, they were not completely dissatisfied in his work. But those are just Mish's hunches.

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Let's not jump the gun on this one. He wasn't flat out fired he's being reassigned. Fired implies you absolutely suck at your job so they want you out of there immediately. It's still possible that he did well but that they think a replacement could be better for the organization. How the story is presented sure can make a difference in how its perceived. 

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6 hours ago, Das Texan said:

Maybe the Marlins can reassign Mattingly then?

I wouldn't have a problem with him sticking around the organization and/or on the coach staff, as he does seem to be a good clubhouse guy, but he shouldn't be managing.

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