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Introduce Yourself

True Marlin

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Hi Guys,

I could not find such a thread so here it is. (Maybe a Mod can make this a sticky?)

A chance for new members to introduce them self.

I am going to start:

My name is Marcus, I am from Germany and I am a brand new Marlins-Fan.

I was already a little bit into Baseball like 15 years ago but it never really hooked me and because of that i also never had a real favorite team so far.

So well, now I am a new Marlins-Fan and i am looking forward for good conversations here.


True Marlin



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I live out in Arizona, but I used to live in Tampa, Florida and unfortunately I became a baseball fan before the Rays were around so I don't know what it's like to watch a well run team. In fact, the other 3 teams I follow in the major N. American sports are also kinda crappy and have never won anything since I've been alive. 

Also, I got banned once for being mean to @SonOfJack so don't fight with him or his dad will ban you from posting for 2 weeks.


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