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Nvidia Shield Pro


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I'm a tech junkie who also enjoys tinkering with tons of stuff old and new. If ya'll ever want to see an utterly fantastic upscaling/streaming device drop the $200 and get yourself an Nvidia Shield.  We have a fairly nice Sony OLED (A8H) as our living room TV and you are welcome to go read about how great the processor is/was and how many sites claimed that particular model of TV as the best seen and I was really impressed since day 1. HOWEVER, I because I am a tech junkie and always chasing the next greatest thing I did decide to try out an Nvidia Shield for streaming (ya'll gamers can use it for broadcasting your game play as well) and holy shit I was utterly blown away by how amazing everything looks now.  It somehow made a fantastic tv even more fantastic-er?  I has SOOO many developer options and just goodness baked into it.  You can easily sync audio/video on the fly so whatever you're watching never looks like an old Godzilla movie.  You can customize every single button on the remote (single press, long press, double press - each can be assigned to do a specific task).  Plus the remote is backlit and has an accelerometer built in so it'll light up when you pick it up - you don't have to push a button.  It's lightweight enough to wall mount and has a gigabit port built into it for connectivity - fun fact, native tv network cards max out at 100mbps (olllldddd tech). 

Watching NHL is a seriously next level experience. it's glass smooth watching the games on TV with very minimal blur. Colors and textures pop. It seriously feels like I made the jump from 4k to 8k on this OLED.  My wife, who usually thinks I'm insane when I get excited over something new asked me what I did to the TV when I connected it and set it up without telling her. She was even floored by the difference it made.  Seriously, give it a shot from a retailer that has a robust return policy and if you don't enjoy it - return it. 

I wish this was a sponsored post = (

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