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Marlins WS odds per ESPN simulations


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I think it's an i=Insider only article but apparently the team closest to us in odds of winning the WS this year after running 10,000 simulations is....the Cardinals

Marlins and Cardinals are both at the bottom of "Tier 3" Contenders as in,  "In, but not ALL in" to win a WS title.


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I typed a post about how they could have improved on this, but it's basically "stop being cheapskates and sign Correa and trade for Reynolds."

Then I realized that would have only increased payroll $5m if they added Correa, Reynolds, and Lewin/Bleday/Burdick to the roster and subtracted Aguilar, Garcia, and Soler.

So it's not even cheap, it's just dumb use of assets.

Signing off till June. Godspeed ya'll.

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