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spurrier wants out


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The Steve Spurrier Era in Washington appears to be coming to a swift conclusion.



Spurrier, the Redskins' coach the last two seasons, has retained prominent agent Jimmy Sexton to evaluate his contract for the apparent purpose of severing ties with the team, ESPN.com has learned.



While there is still a chance that Spurrier might return as coach in 2004, his decision is the most significant indicator yet that he is seriously considering leaving his job.



League sources confirmed to ESPN.com that there have been discussions with team counsel aimed at defining a possible exit strategy for Spurrier. One source with knowledge of the situation said Spurrier could leave the Redskins as early as Tuesday but emphasized that the coach will not resign.



The source put the odds of Spurrier, 12-20 in two seasons, remaining as coach as less than 50-50.



That would suggest that a settlement of Spurrier's contract -- with three years remaining at a total value of $15 million -- is the most likely scenario if he is to depart.



ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported on Saturday that Spurrier and his wife, Jerri, were unhappy with his current situation and that he would take some time immediately after the season ended to think about his NFL future.



There have been persistent rumors this week that Spurrier, who has not used an agent in the past, might be seeking representation. Whether he stays or goes, sources said Spurrier wants a decidely quick resolution.



Spurrier has been purposely cryptic in recent days about his plans for the future. He told Washington-area media on Sunday that he "planned to" return to the team for next season, but alluded to issues that needed to be resolved with owner Dan Snyder. Some of the issues are believed to be control over staffing and input in personnel decisions.



Snyder has suggested that Spurrier's staff, the most inexperienced in the NFL and top-heavy with former University of Florida assistants, needed an upgrade. But by contract, Spurrier has the right to hire and fire members of his staff. Spurrier also is said to be seeking added sway in roster and personnel matters, something he previously has not requested.



There is no small degree of irony in Spurrier retaining Sexton; the agent represents several prominent Redskins, among them quarterback Patrick Ramsey, offensive linemen Chris Samuels and Randy Thomas, and middle linebacker Jeremiah Trotter. Sexton also has worked with Snyder extensively in the past.


from- espn.com


saw it coming... :shifty

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