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20 de Mayo, 2022- Bravos de Atlanta vs. Marlins de Miami. 6:40PM


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10 minutes ago, RonaldAcuna24 said:

Va Carlitos Morton para los Bravos y Trevorio Rogerio para los Marlins.


Si algun hijo de puta me da con la pelota hoy, vamos a tener gran pelea. 

lol okay, I can translate for those who need it:


It's Little Charles Morton for the Braves and Trevor Rogers for the Marlins.

If some son of a bitch hits me with a ball today, we are going to have an enormous fight.


(I assume the fight will come after Ronald is done crying)

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Aqui van los lineups de hoy:


Para los Bravos:

Ronald Acuña

Matteo Olson

Ozwaldo Albies

Austino Riley

Marcell Ozuna

Travieso De Arnoldo

Adan Duvall

Dansbeo Swanson

Travieso Demeritte


Para los Marlins de mierda:

Yazz Chisholm

Jesus Aguilar

Mi amigo Jorge Soler

Avisail Garcia

Briano Anderhijo

Jesus Sanchez

Bryan De La Cruz

Jacobo Estallings

Miguel Rojas



Donde esta ese comemierda Jose Urena?

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The reason why you know that Acuna is a punk is because when he has been hit by the Marlins in Miami he has just walked to first. When he is at home and has the crowd to support him, he starts chirping. He is literally the type of person who will talk shit only when he knows that he's got the boys to back him up, but would never do it one on one.

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i won't be watching tonight.  too much bad real life shit happening and not in the mood to see this team just piss me off more.  I hope the Fish beat the holy hell out of the Braves though so i can watch the recorded version tomorrow.  ya'll homies enjoy though for real.  hope we sweep 'em!

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