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Random Injury Updates - June 21st Edition


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Just now, hovertical said:

Could you please make it more clearer?

Edward Cabrera, Max Meyer pitching for Jacksonville tomorrow.

Sixto Sanchez throwing a 20 pitch bullpen.

Brian Anderson and Joseph A. Wendle Bank will do rehab games this week.

Anthony Bender Bending Rodriguez is throwing the ball.

Jordan Holloway the reliever they're trying to make into a starter for some reason will be playing with Jupiter tomorrow.

Jesus the Lizard Luzardo is starting to throw.

Cody Poteeto Chip throwing a 20 pitch bullpen.

Payton Henry is having thumb surgery on his right hand thumb.

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11 hours ago, taiwanmarlin said:

Max is off the IL now. 

With a rotation including Castano and Garrett, you just have one hundred reasons to call up him now. 

If you're pushing hard for Laureano means you're care the game, so what's the reason to not call up Max now !?

They need 800 reasons not just 100

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6 hours ago, SonOfJack said:

Yeah it isn't on MLB.tv.  It is exclusive to the Peacock streaming company.

Max won't be starting on Sunday so don't worry.

I know it's business and money thing, but it's really stupid to have two games (if I'm not wrong) not available on the MLB.TV for the worldwide fans (of course including me).

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