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Ducks Unlimited, Quail Unlimited, etc.


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no, this topic isnt just hunting.


DU and such use money to buy chunks of land to conserve and use for duck hunting.


My stance: It's a great thing. It actually does more good than harm. These are lands that could be developed into subdivisions, buildings, etc. I think the idea probably started from such ideas of Teddy Roosevelt, who was big on conservation, but people thought he was a hypocrite because he would go to Africa and hunt. Some people don't understand how close to nature hunters really are.

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i don't have a problem with people hunting as long as they aren't hunting endangered species or hurting the environment in some way when they do it.


personally, i didn't really feel right the few times i've been fishing, so i try not to do it.


and i agree with soriano, i don't really like the hunting of animals for sport, but i don't really think less of people for doing it and i don't think government should restrict them.

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What if there are 15,000 ducks on a chunk of land. This chunk of land will be destroyed and turned into a large subdivision. The lakes/swamps/etc. will be filled (or at least partially filled) and replaced with retention ponds. The ducks will obviously have to relocate or die.


Or, duck hunters shoot ducks (limited of course, even though the name is Ducks UNLIMITED lol), but don't necessarily eat em all.


Although I don't know of anyone who kills a duck and doesn't eat it. For that matter, deer either. Or bear. Hell, I know people who kill squirrels and eat them. Not because they are redneck, but because people love to eat stuff they kill themselves.

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