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Sports Illustrated - Florida


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Yall know about the 50th anniversary articles they do each week on a different state, right?


Anyway, here are the results of the polls.


Favorite Major League Baseball team:

Florida Marlins...30%

New York Yankees...16%


Favorite NFL team:

Miami Dolphins...25%

Tampa Bay Bucs...25%


Favorite NBA team:

Miami Heat...14%

Orlando Magic...12%

No favorite...43%


Favorite NFL team:

Florida Panthers...16%

Tampa Bay Lightning...12%

No favorite...40%


Favorite pro team:

Tampa Bay Bucs...17%

Miami Dolphins...17%

New York Yankees...9%


Favorite college team:

Florida Gators...20%

Miami Hurricanes...15%

Florida State Seminoles...14%


Greatest athlete who ever lived in or played for a team in your state:

Dan Marino...33%

Emmitt Smith...8%

Steve Spurrier...5%

Bob Griese...5%


State's biggest rivalry:





More a fan of college or pro sports:





Favorite sport to play:





Favorite sports to watch on TV:



Summer Olympics...43%

Winter Olympics...41%


Enemy of the State:

George Steinbrenner...15%

Steve Spurrier...11%

Wayne Huizenga...9%


Florida's most hated foes:

University of Georgia...13%

New York Yankees...11%

New York Jets...10%

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that section blew


steinbrenner is our number 1 enemy? oh yeah, i forgot: in the last 10 years he forced the winningest football coach ever out of miami, then a few yrs later dismantled miamis baseball team, and now does nothing to help the fish and makes millions of their games. of course hes the enemy of the state. no way its H WAYNE


another thing: why is UGA the states biggest rival? they lose every year

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The state is definitely more towards the Gators. The Gators have more alumni and more of a longstanding foundation of football (FSU was nothing before Bowden, and the Canes are a private school, and obviously resigned to just South Florida).


Tampa is mainly Gators. I'd say 60-40 UF-FSU. Jacksonville probably has more Georgia fans than FSU fans. But UF is by far the leader up there. Probably 65-20-15 UF-UGA-FSU. It's amazing how little of Seminole fans there are up there considering how close they are to Tally.


Orlando is split. Where I live (Space Coast) is split. North of Orlando (Ocala, Gainesville, etc.) is obviously Gators. tally is Noles. But the rest of the Panhandle is split.

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