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Little Help from you Info fanatics please

The Marlin Man

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Alright guys,


So for a class I have to make a comparison of two businesses in the same industry. I thought it would be neat to do two baseball teams, The Marlins and Yankees, and show how teams operate differently in a big market as opposed to a small market. Like how they allocate their money, run the club etc. I was wondering if you guys knew where i could get information on how much money was spent by either of these two clubs. It would be great if i could have these figures for the past 5 years. Im looking for figures on scouting, over seas operations, payroll, front office payroll, EVERYTHING. I would also like info on revenue made from concessions, parking, merchandise. I know some of you guys know exactly where to find this stuff, so i would REALLY appreciate any help you could give me. Just give me sites and i'll do the rest. Thanks guys.





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