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  1. ayyyyy thats my elementary school from back in the day. They are showing some Broward love!!
  2. SP SP SP SP, you can never have enough.
  3. lets bring back some old slogans. 2008- You gotta be here
  4. actually yes. except get the sleeves/collar color piping.
  5. looking at the unis with the players modeling them, they all need piping up front. They all look pretty generic. just match the piping with the sleeves and it'll look tons better.
  6. new logo coming? remember when we became the diamondbacks fan page for a bit lol, only time I've seen a different logo. skin/background works. maybe some more caliente red?
  7. its too basic. sure simplicity is clean, but there's no wow factor about it. The logo looks small compared to other teams with similar design as well. Some black/red piping up front maybe. Like what Oakland has with its green alternate.
  8. I love the home whites and road grey. the alternates are meh, the black is terrible, the blue is plain.
  9. they all look good, except for the white/grey unis, keep the black Marlins script
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