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  1. The humor on here can be brutal
  2. What is he in the list?
  3. Getting very little resistance from High A hitters after 4 starts. At his age I'm starting to think we have something very special here.
  4. I just have my doubts that he’ll hit so much better in LF than he did at catcher. How many cases of this are there? He’d need to deviate pretty far from his performance the last few years to start in the OF
  5. Alfaro couldn’t hold his weight hitting as a catcher and now we’re banking on him as an OF/3B? Move on from him
  6. This. Everyone’s calling Bleday a sure thing and he can’t get above the Mendoza
  7. Games ive seen it was driving hard into the dirt and he was throwing it often. His 12 k game for instance
  8. Could be wrong, but his breaking ball wasn’t as sharp as it usually looks.
  9. Blowing away batters in Jupiter. Although he’s earlier on in the process, if our system isn’t so saturated with top level arms he may be getting a little more attention. Excited to see how he does in Beloit going forward. https://www.fangraphs.com/players/eury-perez/sa3014807/stats?position=P
  10. Might have to move Johnston up again. He's old for A+ and i'm not sure if he has anything left to prove even in the smaller sample size he's been there. See if he can hold his own in Pensacola.
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