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  1. Hech of a trade

    Marlins get: Hech off the roster Other team gets: Hech Marlins win the trade.
  2. Remember Luis Castillo?

    Former San Diego Padres pitcher Luis Castillo made his MLB debut for the Reds today. He looks very good.
  3. Bour's back, Telis is gone

    The Marlins are riding Bour back.
  4. Marlins Trade Rumors

    Koehler's likely feelings about 29 other baseball teams:
  5. June 7th Post Game Thread

    His defense is overrated, he was not a top 5 defensive shortstop last season, and was the absolute worst offensive shortstop. That's not even enough to sweeten a deal. Hech would have been DFA'd by 29 teams already.
  6. June 7th Post Game Thread

    Hech takes your apology and hits it as hard as he can. It ends up near the second baseman, who easily makes a throw to first base.
  7. June 7th Post Game Thread

    Win! Does Jose Urena challenge for the Cy Young this year, or does he win it unanimously?
  8. CJ, Edgar to coach Futures game at Marlins Park

    CJ's 2000 season...don't want to say what comes to mind
  9. CJ, Edgar to coach Futures game at Marlins Park

    CJ Nitkowski? CJ Cron? CJ Wilson? Edgar Martinez? Edgar Allan Poe?
  10. 6/6 postgame

    The Cubs are a better team, why are we surprised that we're losing to them?
  11. Stanton should bat first (TO AVOID DOUBLE PLAY)

    I think Stanton should not start. He can be a bench player, and only come up to pinch hit when the bases are empty. That way, he will never hit into a double play again.
  12. Who would you keep?

    Scott Pose is 76! He has the lead on Hough by a few years.
  13. Who would you keep?

    Get Dontrelle Willis and Al Leiter out of the broadcast booths and back onto the mound. Get Charlie Hough out of the nursing home and get him a jersey. Find Bobby Witt, Brian Meadows, and Kirt Ojala with the help of the side of a milk carton and put them in the rotation. Finally, call Tom Koehler and tell him his services are not needed.
  14. 6/5 Postgame

    Could they beat themselves off if they believed?
  15. June 5 - Marlins/Cubs

    The Cubs are a really, really good team that has struggled a bit this year but just swept the Cardinals. Despite their record, they are absolutely not a mediocre team.