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  1. Hot take: Mike Trout is the most underrated player in baseball. Not because people don't think he's good, but because people don't realize how good. Mike Trout has been the best player in baseball by many value stats since 2005. Mike Trout wasn't even drafted until 2009. He is already one of the greatest players of all time and he isn't even halfway through with his career. Michael Trout
  2. That's 2019 NL All-Star Harold Ramirez, my bitches.
  3. Riddle me this: how be good at baseball?
  4. Is there a more AAAA player than Yadiel Rivera? Jarlin Garcia, maybe?
  5. For anyone confused, the Marlins are off on Thursday, this game to open the series is on Friday.
  6. YOUR Miami Marlins host Western Pennsylvania's own Pirates at Marlins Park in muggy Miami, Florida. Trevor "Dicks" Richards (3-6, 3.31 ERA) takes on Steven "Don't Taze Me" Brault (2-1, 5.05 ERA) in the opening game of the series. According to Baseball Reference's WAR calculation (rWAR), Trevor Richards has been the best pitcher the Marlins have so far this season. He is fifth according to calculations on Fangraphs (fWAR). (If you're wondering why I personally take Fangraphs WAR more seriously, Baseball Reference says that Miguel Rojas has been the second most valuable player on the Marlins roster this season.)
  7. For Das's Missouri Cardinals: Matt "I'm a Baseball Player Not a" Carpenter Paul "Ladies Love" DeJong Paul "Haa...aaahhh...ooh, I'm okay" Gold[sneeze] Marcell "Oh-Ell" Ozuna Yadier "I'm Back From the IL, Where I was Recovering From Being Old" Molina Kolten "Got a Big" Wong Dexter "Fairer" Fowler Harrison "Bade Her? I Harldy Know Her" Bader Miles "To Go Before The Marlins Are Relevant" Mikolas
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