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  1. It's a Bank of America customer exclusive, I got an email about it yesterday.
  2. I can get one for you, it's $30 plus shipping.
  3. The thing about Sports Illustrated is that they hire a lot of really, really bad writers.
  4. He's like, super bad at baseball.
  5. CheapJeter wants field to be smaller so that a/c in marlin park cost less going to start having roof open even when sun is 99 degree in miami heat udonis haslem jeter say build that wall
  6. The Marlins have been in the AL South since 2015, dude.
  7. Marlins trade 30 players to be named later to several teams in exchange for: Francisco Diaz Jairo Diaz Elias Diaz Edwin Diaz Miguel Diaz Aledmys Diaz Yandy Diaz Yennsy Diaz Yusniel Diaz Dayan Diaz Jose Diaz Alexander Diaz Bo Diaz Carlos Diaz
  8. CheapJeter want to trade Brian Anderson now that Nick Anderson traded and team can't save money using same last name on jersey twice going to trade for Jason Castro and why they traded for Lewin Diaz CheapJeter not want use money for jersey name plates
  9. I would LOVE Rendon and he's one of the few guys I would be fine with having that would force Branderson into the OF. We're not getting Cole, the Marlins won't pay for pitching when the system is stocked with them. We might get some low-upside vets to eat innings, but we're not signing an ace.
  10. Where would he play? We have future first ballot Hall-of-Famer Lewis Brinson in center, Harold Ramirez in a corner, and Monte Harrison in the other corner. Castellanos would be good on a short term deal, but he'll be looking for a longer term thing, I think.
  11. I'm 3 hours behind, so 3:40 start times are kind of weird, but make it so that games are over before the sun sets. I'm cool with that, and it's only home games anyway.
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