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  1. SongInTheAir

    Yelich vs Samson

    agree one hundo with this. NBA playoffs are a joke, and the 8 seeds essentially have no chance because they aren't good teams. Baseball's playoffs are just fine the way they are (I wouldn't mind a 3-game series for the Wild Card, but I also understand that it kills any momentum for the division winners)
  2. SongInTheAir

    Curtis Granderson signs

    The Marlins have players that have played in the Major Leagues in their lineup, sure. But most of these guys would be Triple-A roster fillers on good teams or bench/part-time players at best. I think the only guy (assuming Realmuto is gone) that will be in our Opening Day lineup who would start on *MOST* teams in 2019 is Brian Anderson.
  3. SongInTheAir

    Curtis Granderson signs

  4. SongInTheAir

    Curtis Granderson signs

    The Players Union would strike immediately if any of those three guys weren't on the Opening Day roster (assuming they're healthy)
  5. SongInTheAir

    Curtis Granderson signs

    Branderson and Granderson in the OF
  6. Derek Dietrich, when he gets older and worse, will be Neil Walker. Nick Wittgren, when he gets older and worse, will be Jordan Milbrath. The Marlins are just time traveling and you plebes don't understand it.
  7. SongInTheAir

    Curtis Granderson signs

    Holy shit the strike is coming and it is coming hard. Get ready for a year without baseball pretty soon, folks.
  8. We traded Nick Wittgren for an older, worse version of Nick Wittgren.
  9. For anyone wondering, Milbrath is EXTREMELY bad and already 27.
  10. SongInTheAir

    Wittgren DFA'd

    Seems like a really bad move for now, let's see what happens in 10 days.
  11. SongInTheAir

    2019 ZiPS Projections

    we bad news bear
  12. SongInTheAir

    MLB seeks to increase DL, option time

  13. SongInTheAir

    FanFest - Feb 9

    Jeep Cheater