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  1. Marlins reduce cap logo size for 2018

    It's called a drop shadow, you're supposed to drop it and leave it alone.
  2. Predict the Opening Day 25-Man Roster

    Narrator: "but they could not"
  3. Jeff Conine’s son could be drafted by the Marlins

    Oh cool, we can be even more like the LA Clippers
  4. $$$ Fantasy Baseball?

    I have a league that still needs two more owners. Draft is on the 25th, $20 buy-in. Anyone interested, let me know! Head to Head: OBP/HR/RBI/R/SB QS/ERA/WHIP/K/SVHD
  5. 3/9 Roster Cuts

    Imagine dedicating your whole life to being a Major League Baseball player and then being told you're not good enough to make *this* Marlins team. Also...my favorite (imagined) exchange of last season: "Hi Mr. Mattingly." "Hello son, what's your name?" "Merandy" "Hi Randy, Medonniebaseball"
  6. Graves has left oblique strain

    Brett Headstone
  7. Graves has left oblique strain

    So it is a Graves injury, not a grave injury? When he dies, will his grave say "Graves" on it?
  8. Marlins reduce cap logo size for 2018

    I like the big logo. Glad I have 3 caps with the big one already. I agree with you, the new one looks like a bootleg version or a mistake.
  9. 2/23 Postgame

    Scott Van Slyke is going to hit 324 home runs this season.
  10. The Monte Harrison Appreciation Thread

    Looks like this guy might really be the full Harrison.
  11. Maybin signed

    Hey, I know we've met before But this is still crazy But here's a number ($3.25 million) So Cameron Maybin
  12. Tim Healey chimes in on the Darvish idea

    Truth is, in the World Series, you want to be the team facing Darvish.
  13. Dan Straily's name is (probably) Daniel. "Damn Daniel" was a popular meme several years ago. Damn, DTrain!