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  1. JT Riddle

    100% guaranteed Hech takes over full time when he's healthy.
  2. 5/20/2017 Postgame thread

    He'll be the starting shortstop for the Baby Cakes again as soon as Globetrotter Adeiny Trashavarria is ready to keep costing the Marlins wins return from the Legends List.
  3. 5/20/2017 Postgame thread

    Empty Dodger Stadium after a Marlins win.
  4. 5/20/2017 Postgame thread

    World Series?
  5. 5/20 Miami @ LA

    These seats are okay.
  6. 5/20 Miami @ LA

    Heading to the game now in my 1997 Bobby Bonilla jersey. Fight me.
  7. Cash Me On TV, Howbowdah?

  8. Cash Me On TV, Howbowdah?

    I'll be there tomorrow and maybe on Sunday, can't make it tonight.
  9. Cash Me On TV, Howbowdah?

    Yeah? Well...you sound like an alternative fart.
  10. Cash Me On TV, Howbowdah?

    Because I am great.
  11. Cash Me On TV, Howbowdah?

    Yes. Too many Tecates. Also, was all heart-eyes for Justin "Big Booty" Bour and his Thunder Thighs.
  12. Cash Me On TV, Howbowdah?

  13. Cash Me On TV, Howbowdah?

    A few pics I took at the game here: I know it's popular to shit on the Marlins as a whole and sometimes David Samson in particular, but they hooked me up with amazing tickets when they had no obligation to, and Samson has always responded to my emails and been way nicer than he needs to be.
  14. Cash Me On TV, Howbowdah?

    (I'm the dude in the top right corner. I am not Christian Yelich's brother.)
  15. Boycott over? Season back on? Demons excorcised?

    Don't scare away new members with your insults, SilverButthole