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  1. Mike Maddux

    Does he come come with a Greg? Are the Madduxes buy-one-get-one-free?
  2. Jeter/Sherman target $90 mil payroll

    Not if we have Stanton and 24 rookies...
  3. Marlins hire Gary Denbo

    Denbo: we should trade for good players! Hill: what? Denbo: we should...trade for good players. Hill: you can't...you can't do that. If you trade players from your team, the only thing you can get back is bad players. Denbo: so then why trade? Hill: Jeffrey really liked celery Denbo: wtf Hill: he would eat too much of it so he needed a break Denbo: wtf Hill: he would say "Michael, trade these players and get me some celery relief!" so I would trade them for bad players, and then go to CVS and get him some Pepcid AC Denbo: holy shit
  4. Urena's Improvements in 2017

    Oh, honey...
  5. Urena's Improvements in 2017

    Urena completely proved me wrong. I honestly thought he was one of the worst pitchers on a major league roster, but he made a lot of improvements and has become a solid average #4 starter. Props to @pollythewog and a few others on here (not homers who see it in everyone in a Marlins uniform) for recognizing Ureña's potential when I couldn't see it.
  6. 9/12 Post Game

    We lost twice in one day and it wasn't even a double header!
  7. 2018 schedule released

  8. Bour begins baseball activities

    My baseball activities yesterday involved listening to the end of Game 1 on the radio, watching some of Game 2 on my laptop, and writing updates about several players at the end of the night. Seems like I did more than Bour.
  9. Abortions are legal in Florida. Jeter will definitely get rid of it.
  10. If you could bring back one Marlin from the past...

    Adrian Gonzalez would be nice to have, despite Justin Bour being pretty great. (also Trevor Hoffman)
  11. Edinson Poll-quez

    Edinson Volquez won't pitch again in 2017. He probably won't pitch in 2018 either. He'll be a 35-year-old free agent whose career was already on the downturn, coming off a second Tommy John Surgery. What happens to his career?
  12. Who's the most useless Marlin on the 25 man roster

    Chen isn't on the 25-man roster right now though. Most useless right now...probably Ichiro :(
  13. AJ Ramos traded to the Mets

    I think the Mets could trade Ramos on Monday and get a better deal than Mike Hill got today.
  14. Barraclough to DL

  15. Koehler optioned to AAA, Cervenka up

    Dillon Peters might be an option for Koehler's next turn in the rotation.