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  1. Any success the Cardinals had while Matheny was in charge was in spite of him, not because of him.
  2. I think Rocco Baldelli and Gabe Kapler (also Brad Ausmus) will open the doors for more recently-retired guys to take the helm. Didn't work out with Mike Matheny, but that doesn't mean it is a bad idea. I would buy season tickets to the Marlins even though I live 3,000 miles away from Marlins Park if they hired Brandon McCarthy to manage the team.
  3. I heard he tried to slam the door on his way out and grounded into a double play.
  4. Stanton isn't on the DL and I am willing to bet my entire next paycheck that he will never spend another day this season on the DL.
  5. Don't be stupid Jackson, if they are wearing a Marlins uniform, they are going to be bad because #FuckJeter
  6. One of the scarier things is that, with all of the extensions being handed out recently, free agency isn't going to be a legitimate way of building a team. Teams are going to need to draft well, build from within, and extend their players. The Marlins have NO ONE I would give a lengthy extension to right now, and that's troubling. All that being said, there have been some mechanically separated ground nuggets of optimism in a season where we expected all-white meat tenders, and I don't think Mattingly is the right guy to lead a team like this. The Marlins need a much more analytic, thought-based manager at the helm. Also, #FuckJeter of course.
  7. He's definitely one of the top five third basemen in the Marlins organization.
  8. Neither does Brinson though, he prefers New Orleans
  9. HUGE MOVES COMING FROM THE MARLINS WOW DID NOT EXPECT THAT WOW SUCH A SURPRISE "Marlins call up another AAAA player to replace currently struggling AAAA player"
  10. Guys...the Rockies are a decent team, they'll finish around .500 this season. They're not a threat to the #1 pick, the Orioles and Royals are.
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