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  1. SongInTheAir

    Mike Matheny Fired

    Mike Matheny made Don Mattingly look like Joe Maddon.
  2. SongInTheAir

    Barraclough, Conley, Steckenrider

    Someone send this to @SonOfJack (since he's in the front office) but make it say: Bear Claw! Expendable.
  3. SongInTheAir

    Barraclough, Conley, Steckenrider

    I mean...you're Derek Jeter, you do it.
  4. SongInTheAir

    Barraclough, Conley, Steckenrider

    Can you imagine a rebuilding team actually building around relief pitching?
  5. SongInTheAir

    Just call Realmuto daddy

    From pop time to poop time.
  6. SongInTheAir

    2020 or 2022

    It's 2018. You can see that this team is on the brink of making layoffs. Just check all of the DFA threads on Marlinsbaseballdotcom
  7. SongInTheAir

    July 7 Post Game Thread

    Washington- In a stunning turn of events, Marlins part owner Derek "Hashtag Fuck" Jeter is no longer part of the Marlins ownership group. In fact, the Marlins are now owned by simply one man: Mark Reynolds.
  8. SongInTheAir

    July 7 Post Game Thread

    "Indeed, quite." -Mark Andrew Reynolds
  9. SongInTheAir


    So what you're saying is, at least in part, he was Hanging Around (Because Of) Mr. Cooper?
  10. SongInTheAir

    Elieser Hernandez

    More like Eli-Loser Hernandez, right you guys?
  11. SongInTheAir

    7/7 Fish vs Mark Reynolds

    Dude...Mark Reynolds is the best blind athlete in American history. When he overcomes all of that to drive in 10 runs in a game, you appreciate him and applaud his bravery.
  12. SongInTheAir

    7/7 Fish vs Mark Reynolds

    He should throw a baseball at at baseball player for being good? I don't understand.
  13. SongInTheAir

    Elieser Hernandez

  14. SongInTheAir


    Would have been better for him to hit it in the game.

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