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  1. People will remember perfection, not the team that we are being forced to recognize as the MNC because of some goofy computer systems. Read the Rick Reilly Article posted by Puma.

    Really? Bet 5 years ahead from now only thing that will be remembered is UF vs OU and UF becoming the National Champs


    Hey, remember how everyone currently remembers and regards 06 Boise State as the national champions? Or how everyone regards Meyer's undefeated Utah team as the national champions? No? orly?





    This thread is hilarious. It's funny how bitter Miami fans are.

  2. I'm starting to think that this bailout will become more synonymous with the Bush Administration than even the Iraq War or Abu Ghraib in 20 years.

    Hey, it was the Democrats who passed this mess for Bush, not the Republicans. Pelosi and Bush should both be thrown in prison for outright theft, which is what the bailout is.

  3. 1. People who do not understand the concept of finger scanners in theme park entrances. You place your finger on the scanner, people. It's not that hard.

    Hey, the ones at Disney work fine, which is probably where you get this assumption from. The ones at Universal Orlando work horribly.

  4. 8. Waiting hours on line at Islands of Adventure to get on a ride

    Easy corrected by simply riding Dueling Dragons all day.


    1. This: When i'm out with someone and they start texting constantly. That, and when they just outright talk on the phone a lot of the time.

    2. The finger scanners at Islands of Adventure and Universal :p

    3. Gator fans who don't know crap about college football and just go like "Wewt! We be good ya'll"

    4. The Georgia Bulldogs

    5. Pysch/history majors who complain to me about their amount of homework.

    6. People who text me when a phone call would be a lot easier

    7. People who refuse to type correctly and type stuff like "wut" which just make them look retarded

    8. People who accept Barack Obama as their personal lord and savior

    9. Fraternities

    10. People who think I need to know about their religious beliefs

  5. McDonalds, f*** YEAH!

    Wal-Mart, f*** YEAH!

    The Gap, f*** YEAH!

    Baseball, f*** YEAH!

    NFL, f***, YEAH!

    Rock and roll, f*** YEAH!

    The Internet, f*** YEAH!

    Slavery, f*** YEAH!

    Starbucks, f*** YEAH!

    Disney World, f*** YEAH!

    Porno, f*** YEAH!

    Valium, f*** YEAH!

    Reeboks, f*** YEAH!

    Fake Tits, f*** YEAH!

    Sushi, f*** YEAH!

    Taco Bell, f*** YEAH!

    Rodeos, f*** YEAH!

    Bed bath and beyond ..... f*** yeah

    Liberty, f*** YEAH!

    White Slips, f*** YEAH!

    The Alamo, f*** YEAH!

    Band-aids, f*** YEAH!

    Las Vegas, f*** YEAH!

    Christmas, f*** YEAH!

    Immigrants, f*** YEAH!

    Columbine, f*** YEAH!

    Demarcates, f*** YEAH!




  6. This would be a really bad time. They would certainly lose the battle of public opinion by striking now, for whatever reason. I'm all in favor of unions, but a less vital union like the SAG should wait for the economy to stabilize. Now is not the time.

    Actors would show they just don't give a sh*t about us. They like to make us causes and pretend they do, but in reality, they're all a bunch of selfish douchebags. At least when they strike it'll be amusing to see no one get behind them.

  7. I'm sorry, but Bush and Co. have turned NASA into an embarrassment.

    I'm sorry, but do you have any idea what you're talking about?


    It's no secret NASA has emphasized unmanned missions recently. Manned missions are just too limited, that's how we've been able to gain incredible knowledge through missions like the Mars probes, Star Dust, and Deep Impact, missions that would not be possible with manned crews. NASA is interested in gaining knowledge, which can only be done with unmanned probes. You can't send a man to explore the seas of Europa, but you can have a probe do it.


    The shuttle is useless nowadays, NASA is just throwing away funds to send people to the space station, which is really kinda useless in itself. You save billions by just tagging a ride in Russia's ancient technology instead of our ancient but very expensive to maintain technology (the shuttle).


    Saying NASA is a joke is just ignorant and naive. The Chinese may land on the moon before us, but all they'd be doing is accomplishing the same thing NASA did 40 years ago, it shouldn't really be a priority to beat them to something we've already done. The manned mission priorities are a permanent station on the moon and sending humans to Mars, and we're way ahead of the other space programs in this department.


    Of course, you'd blame Bush if you got in a fender bender, so you're probably just looking for another thing to bitch about.

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