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  1. I think the Marlins should announce everything in the same terrible Spanglish they use in their marketing. Marlins fire el Coach de Bateo Miguel Pagliarulo.
  2. The people that know me here know I'm never a "but my eyes say" guy but... My eyes say homie be throwing meatballs up there.
  3. Pfft. I just like baseball a lot and flights to Houston are expensive.
  4. Better these threads than no threads.
  5. The context where they traded Hanley 3 weeks later and then had nobody to play third base was amazing.
  6. To be fair it was a terrible trade considering the Marlins needed a 3B and he was traded for a guy who basically immediately retired. And he was still the Astros starting 3B for 3 years. Definitely not great but in the end it was just $2M a year and he's already off the books.
  7. A lot of people talk about comparing it to the Astros; real bad before they get good. I lived through the 2011-2013 Astros and this is way worse. The Astros had guys where you said they might work out some day. Some worked out (Altuve, Keuchel, JD Martinez [For someone else]) and some didn't (Jason Castro, Jon Singleton, Matt Dominguez) but they had stuff to build on. It feels like the Marlins have nothing. None of these guys are shining right now. Things can change but it's looking as bad as I've ever seen. But this feels like the late 2000s Orioles more than the early 2010 Astros (except they had Matt Weiters).
  8. This release was such a flop. They gave us nothing we didn't already have.
  9. The first time the Marlins played at the ballpark was March 6th, 2012 vs UM. So let's say that's the latest possible time Year 5 could end would be March 5th, 2017. That's means that the sale of the Marlins happened at least 5 years and ~7 months after the BSA went into affect; it says basically that in the article as well (they say 5 years and 6 months). That's 7 months too late. 6 months if you think the time would only start with official MLB games (which would be odd, but regardless).
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