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A Guide To Keeping Your PC Clean

Marlin Cafetero

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Guide To Keeping Your Computer at Peak Performance This guide is designed for anyone that frequently uses their computer and is interested in knowing how to keep their computer clean, updated, and at peak performance. I personally use all these products and I am extremely happy with my computers peformance.



1) Use Ad-Aware SE: Ad-Aware SE is a wonderful program that keeps your computer spy ware free. Spy ware mostly comes from P2P or file sharing programs. However, a great quantity of it comes from regular websites. In order for this program to maintain its efficiency you must update it's definitions every day and scan your computer the first boot of the day. For this, there is an exclusive feature that allows you to execute the scan before start up. $0.00

Link: Ad-Aware SE


2)Use the Intel Application Accelerator: The IAA is a software package that replaces the ATA

drivers that come with Windows. This software is not a requirement, but noticeably improves the speed that some applications open at. THIS SOFTWARE IS FOR SELECT INTEL CHIPSETS ONLY. $0.00

Link: Download Here

?Identifying Your Chipset? link: Identify Here


3)Use Norton Antivirus: Norton Antivirus is a great product from Symantec. If used properly it can defend your computer from harmful viruses and trojans. It is one of the best anti virus programs. Unfortunately, it isn't free but it's well worth its price. $26.99. It comes with a 1-year subscription.

Link: Purchase Here


4)Use Cablenut FOR CABLE USERS ONLY: CableNut is a very good software that was created by some very good friends of mine. It noticeably optimizes your Internet Connection by tweaking several properties of your connection. It sounds difficult, but it's actually easy to use and is safe. This is a must for cable users that want to ooze out the last drop of their speed. $0.00

DOWNLOAD: Download CableNut

Tweak Settings: Click Here


5)Defragment Your Drive: I can't believe when I am repairing a persons computer, when I see they have never defragmented their HD. Defragmenting is very essential for the hard drive and helps applications load quickly. To De fragment your drive go to Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Degragmenter. Don't forget to analyze!


6)Delete Temporary Internet Files: Once in a while it is necessary to delete the TIF and free up some HD space. Don't do it too frequently because TIF Files make web pages load quicker. Just go to Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Cleanup.


7)Update Drivers: Updating drivers for your computer is an essential part for maintaining your computer running smoothly. In order to update your drivers you must visit the website of your computer make follow the steps in the Support section to identify your computer model and search for the latest drivers. Google search your PC brand (i.e Compaq, Gateway, Alienware) and follow the steps on their website. Priorities: BIOS Driver, Monitor Driver, Video Driver, Sound Driver, Modem Driver, and peripherals (i.e printer, mouse, keyboard).



This is all for now. As programs get updated, or someone suggest more tips, I will edit the guide so anyone can keep their computer in good shape. Expect a guide on overclocking soon.



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