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Fear Factor Guy and the Best $10 I Ever Spent

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So last night, I'm waiting in line for the midnight showing of Episode III. As always, there's lots of crazy and fun stuff going on while you wait. Well, one of the guys I was chatting with see's this huge friggin' bug fall to the ground. And buy huge, I mean huge. It must have been at least a minumum of three inches long and an inch wide. Very thick too. It had these giant pinching claws on the front of it to. It was like no bug I've ever seen in my life. Really mean looking too. So we start to walk over to check it out and before we get to it, the bug lets out a really mean friggin' hiss. This hiss was so mean it was as though the bug was some getto gang and we were on his turf, and if we didn't leave his turf, he was going to cut us. Cut us bad.


So the guy makes some comment about eating it for $10. We all think he's joking, but I decide to call him on it and pull out $10. He wasn't joking. He just popped the whole damn thing in his mouth and chewed it up. He was able to swallow everything except for the wings because they wouldn't chew up. It was so disgusting and cool to watch at the same time. I so wish I had a camera at the time. I asked him if it was juicy. He said when he bit into it, the juices squirted into his throat. Unfortunately, telling you this story cannot do justice to actually witnessing it.

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